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Welcome to AERACURA,

Created from a culmination of many years of sustainable agriculture and medicinal herb cultivation, herbal study, and flower remedy exploration.  We have been making our own flower essences for over 10 years.  With each essence we continue to learn and deepen our understanding of the plants they are made from and the healing possibilities of plant spirit medicine. 

As the founder and formulator, I have taken this love and passion for the earth and herbal healing and put it into the products we make.  We grow and sustainably wild harvest over 70% of the herbs we use in our products.  This includes making all of our own flower remedies and herbal oils.  Wherever possible, we are committed to sourcing ingredients from sustainable, and fair trade companies. 

Quality and energetic vitality are vitally important for us in each of our products.  We hope that they add joy and vitality as you use them in your everyday rituals!

"Not one of us upon this earth is being asked to do more than is within his [their] power to perform, and if we strive to obtain the best within us, ever guided by our Higher Self, health and happiness is a possibility for each one."

Dr. Edward Bach, Heal Thyself


Selecting the Right Essence For You

Our flower essences are made in the same manner they were first made by Dr. Bach back in 1926, the solar infusion method.  At AERACURA, as we have developed our methodologies and deepened the relationships we have with each plant, we have expanded to include lunar infused essences and environmental essences. 


Coming into right relationship with ourselves, our community, and the earth is a part of the intrinsic journey of the individual and humanity overall.  Fortunately for us, there is so much healing available in nature, herbal, flower remedies, or other.  Flower Essence Therapy and the use of flower and environmental essences are one way to directly interact with the healing wisdom of plants. 

If you are new to flower essences, I recommend that you read through our catalogue and make note of any essence or flowers that sparks interest in you.  Use the law of attraction to your benefit, try the essences that you are drawn to.  Likely, this is your intuition connecting to a frequency that resonates with what you are currently learning or seeking help with. 

As you begin to take your selected essence/s, give yourself some time to feel the effects.  You can change the dosage as you progress to meet your needs.  As you test one essence and then another, you will continue to build a relationship with the intuitive side of yourself making it easier, over time, to discern what remedy will fit you best.



Formulator, Teacher, Energetic Healing Practitioner

I'm Nicole, the founder and formulator of AERACURA.  I am a healer, earth worker, and energetic herbalist trained in Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine and Bach Flower Therapy.  Over the last 15 years I have studied aromatherapy, herbal medicine, trauma healing, nutrition, and several types of transformational growth work. 

I have learned how incredible the human being is, and regularly marvel at how capable we are of growing and transforming at all stages of life.  Over the years, I have been making my own herbal remedies, body-care and flower remedies, much of which I have integrated into my practice with patients.  I began making flower essences 11 years ago while working as an organic farmer outside of Boston.  Then, about 4 years ago I entered into a deep relationship and study with the Plant Devas to learn more about plant spirit medicine, and flower essences.  From this work and exploration I have developed AERACURA

I have a private practice located in Southern Vermont where I work with people in one-on-one sessions locally and around the world.  As a part of my life joy, and now my business, I have a homestead where I sustainably grow and forest garden many of the herbs and flowers used in the AERACURA products.  What I am unable to grow here, I ethically and sustainably wild harvest around the wild spaces of New England and the greater United States.

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