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What Are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are infusions made with the flower of a selected plant, specially prepared and imbued with the frequency and healing properties of the plant.  This type of remedy is more gentle and mild then other forms of herbal medicine and is commonly used to support mood, mental well-being and emotional health.

As with any form of remedy, each individual may respond differently to each essence. It is important for you to find the essence or combination that best supports your well-being.  It may take some trial and error until you find the right mix.  I encourage you to read the descriptions thoroughly and use our contact page if you have any questions.

For anyone interested in more guided support, I recommend you contact a Flower Essence Therapy Practitioner in your local area. 


"There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind, and inner happiness."

Edward Bach, MD.,

Founder Bach Flower Remedies

Where Did Flower Essences Originate?

Flower essences and other forms of plant spirit medicine have been practiced in First Cultures across the planet as a part of tradition, culture, healing, and connection to the natural world.    Many human cultures have powerful healing and journey traditions springing from a connection and communication with the plant world.   Over thousands of years knowledge has been passed down, lost, destroyed, and regained.

During the 20th Century in Western Europe there was a doctor named Edward Bach who developed the Flower Essence Therapy model.  During his many years exploring the countryside and researching each essence, he discovered 38 flower essences that he went on to use in his medical practice to treat ailments ranging from, electrical burns, to personality types, to mental illness. 

Since the 1930's many different schools have developed, many pertaining to Dr. Bach's original work with Flower Essence Therapy.   These days, flower essences are being used all over the world and in some cases have been integrated into the public medical systems.   Examples include, Brazil, Spain and Cuba.   What we are experiencing now is a rebirth of our use and connection to plant spirit medicine for healing and wellbeing. 


How Does Earthen Co. Make Essences?

Each of the essences are made with the permission from each plant, and prepared using the solar or lunar infusion method.  Using purified water from the earth, each essence is left to sit under the sun, or moon, usually in the canopy of the mother plant for several hours.  Once the essences are complete they are mixed with energetically purified alcohol, then potentized with sacred energy and a blessing from the Plant Deva of the individual flower essence. 

Environmental Essences are made in much the same way.   Instead, in this case each essence is an infusion of the space or "environment" they are prepared in.  This takes special intention and invitation from a location in order to create these essences.   Similar to Flower Essences, Environmental Essences support mood, mental and emotional well-being. 

How Do I Select An Essence?

If you are new to flower essences, I recommend that you read through the catalogue and make note of any essence or flower that sparks interest in you.  Use the law of attraction to your benefit, try the essences that you are drawn to.  Likely this is your intuition connecting to a frequency that resonates with what your are currently learning or seeking help with. 

As you begin to take your selected essence/s, give yourself some time to begin to feel the effects.  You can change the dosage as you progress to meet your needs.  As you test one essence and then another, you will begin to build a relationship with the intuitive side of yourself making it easier, over time, to discern what remedy will fit you best.

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