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Healing with Nature



Brighten your day, take a deep breath, and invite the possibility of a new way of being.  Each Earthen Co. product is designed to be safe, easy to use and help support you in transformation. 

We know that life comes with many unforeseen twists, turns and challenges.  We hope our products will help you along the way to redefine your relationship with self, unhelpful patterns, and trauma.  Each formula is designed to catalyze your inspiration, intuition and resiliency.  Use them on their own, as a part of a healing protocol, or woven into your self-care practice. 

However you use our products, we hope they inspire joy,
vitality, and help you access the potential that lays within.  


Let down, take a  deep breath, and get grounded.  Deep Insight Essence Spray is a mix of flower essences and essential oils specially blended to connect with and build intuition and send your roots deep into the earth. 


You can use this spray at home, in the car, for meditation, or before bed.  Get grounded and centered with Deep Insight Essence Spray.

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What you bring to the world is special and unique.  Treat it as such and honor your own divine light, shine.


Hear what people are saying about Earthen Co. products

The Deep Insight Essence Spray is easy to use, and had an immediate effect.  I used this often before starting yoga or just throughout the day to take a few deep breaths.  I felt an immediate calm with this aromatherapy and the fresh scent and the energy of the spray feels very uplifting.


I've used it a few times a week for about 6 months. I also gifted this spray to 2 people because I love it that much! It is currently packed in my labor/birth bag, I plan to use it as a comfort measure during labor.

The Earthen Co. hand sanitizer has a wonderfully spicy scent and is a quick way to clean your hands, I much preferred this to the very alcohol based hand sanitizers that are everywhere.

For a few months throughout the winter and spring I kept this in my bag and used it as a hand sanitizer when I was out.

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Suzanne Hemmat
Natick, MA


Mariama Loos-Diallo
Portland, OR

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