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SELF HEAL, Our Guide

Summer is in full swing here. After a few months of what can only be called dreadful weather, we are beginning to see some sun and plants are coming alive. Between the Poppies Farm, our herb farm that grows for our herbal teas, oils, and the mother plants for our essences, is exploding with green and variety. While I am weeding and managing the farm I like to pay attention to what is volunteering around the edges of the beds and in the grass. I think what grows wild or volunteers near us, is a good metric of not only what we may need, but indicative of what is going on in the world at large. Plants are always trying to teach us and it is a well known idea that - if you stay in one place long enough, the medicine you need will grow around you.

We have always had self heal sprinkled throughout the yard, but this year we have the biggest self heal plants flowering all over the place, and not only here, but on the roadways, and throughout the surrounding area. This year, self heal seems to be growing in abundance wherever I travel.


The Medicine of Our Time

What this tells me is collectively, we are seeking and needing healing. The kind of deep internal healing that shakes the foundations and can be scary to face, but once through creates room, and bone deep relief and resilience. The kind of healing where the shadow is revealed and the sun, light, awareness, and intention can clean and begin healing wounds. Likely, self heal is the medicinal herb of our time, certainly this time now. As we push for social and political change and development, so too must we change and heal what is broken within.

If you have not had the pleasure to connect with this beautiful plant, I highly suggest searching for it in an area near you and spending some time connecting with this beautiful teacher.

SELF HEAL (prunella vulgaris) has been traditionally used in the body,

  • To move lymph

  • As an anti-viral

  • As allergy support

  • For wound care

  • For gut health

In the Flower Essence Form

In the flower essence form, it acts as the mover of obstacles. It is a very powerful ally in addressing the shadow parts of our psyche and energetic field that we have not been willing to see. Self heal is here for everyone who is ready to engage and make lasting change in the patterns and beliefs that have shaped them. So many of us are ready for change, but need the additional push to begin. Self heal flower essence may be what we are looking for, an ally that will push us out of our comfort and challenge our self-imposed limitations.

It is this characteristic of revealing that makes it such a good remedy for the world at large. As we create space to move our internal conflicts and patterning, the shifts and transformation we make are reflected in world around us. The universal matrix that connects us all, means that when we individually make a change and grow, it has an affect, however small, on the collective consciousness.

Message from the Self Heal Plant Deva

"It takes courage and willingness to let the hidden parts of yourself peek out into the light. Be vulnerable, open, and true to who you are as a divine being. Let the light seek your heart and make all things possible."


Self heal is a wild edible and commonly used in tea, especially common in Chinese Medicine. I always harvest and dry it during the summer for tea as well as making an herbal oil that is used in our Radiant Balm.

I hope you get out there and search for it in your hedgerows, fields, and roadsides. If you get a chance to connect with this wonderful plant, I would love to hear your experience and stories. Please reach out in the comments, through the website, or by social media and share your experience. We hope to hear from you!

If you are interested in trying self heal flower essence, you can find it in our store. And if you have questions about it, feel free to reach out to me via email. I am always happy to answer questions and discuss remedy compatibility,


Self heal flower essence is not indicated for people actively in a trauma state or experiencing PTSD. It can be destabilizing and should only be used when all internal resources are available. If you have questions, reach out to me or another qualified flower essence practitioner.


Nicole is the founder and formulator of Earthen Co. She is an earth witch, herbalist, flower essence therapy practitioner and energetic healer. She lives in Southern Vermont where she grows the medicinal herbs and mother plants used to make the Earthen Co. products.

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