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Bloom Where You Are Planted

In this season of change we are fast approaching the time of year when our rhythms change and we naturally go inward and assess the successes and loses of the past year. Take this time to revel in the place that you find yourself. It might not be perfect, you might seek a change in circumstance or location, there might be ways you are struggling. That's okay.

Wherever you are, spend some time thinking about your life now and how you arrived here. Sit down and make a list of all the things that you are grateful for. Ignore all the things you would change, or any messages from your mind trying to distract or dissuade you. What are the things, people, pets, experiences, places that you are grateful for right now?

This may take some time, or you might be alarmed at how few things are on your list. There is no right way to make this list, be as honest as you can. I bet once you get going there are some things on your list that will surprise you.


This is a surprisingly powerful exercise. Becoming clear about what you are grateful for begins to shift your perspective in life. Many of us have things we are thankful for daily, and many of us take those same things for granted. Bringing clarity and awareness to the gratitude you feel helps you step out of the woes of everyday.

Today, use this gratitude exercise to celebrate where you find yourself. Let yourself smile. Use the fertile soil of your life to grow, expand, and improve. Bloom into being that which you are seeking. As you unfurl, life will reach out to meet you. These are the building blocks for manifestation. You are a manifesting machine, use your gratitude as a template to constructing the future you want. It is time, and you are able.

Bloom where you are are planted.

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